In marketing, an innovative, forward-thinking spirit is crucial to leverage big data, social media, web and mobile experiences.

The DDM Alliance (Data-Driven Marketing) wants to stimulate this innovative, forward-thinking necessity by providing brands, agencies, media, e-commerce merchants and marketing technology providers with international and local platforms to gather, interact and form partnerships throughout European marketing communities.

By creating local chapters in a number of important European cities, the DDM Alliance provides opportunities to network and discuss the data-driven marketing trends, developments, and the innovative products and services – through monthly workshops, networking events, masterclass series, executive forums and online events across Europe.

Once a year – at the conclusion of the string of local and international events and to coincide with the publication date of the annual DDM Trend Book – the Data-Driven Marketing Week is held in Dublin in January to present the entire suite of trends, developments and technologies to the European Marketing community in one.

In addition, the DDM Alliance aims to join with universities to create Data-Driven Marketing business cases for inclusion in academic marketing program.

The DDM Alliance’s first full program year will run from June 2014 – June 2015. However, preceding the launch of the DDM Alliance, a number of international events have already been organised from September 2013 – May 2014. In chronological order:

Preceding the DDM Alliance June 2014 – June 2015 program:


Digital and Social Marketing Masterclass – Dublin – September 19 – 20 (40 participants from 8 countries)


Digital and Social Marketing Masterclass – Dublin – January 23 – 24 (128 participants from 14 countries)

DDM Road Show – Amsterdam – March 25 (186 participants)

DDM Road Show – London – March 26 (197 participants)

DDM Road Show – Dublin – March 27 (328 participants)

Digital and Social Marketing Masterclass – Dublin – May 15 – 16 (50 participants from 6 countries)

The DDM Program June 2014 – June 2015 has successfully been launched with the Facebook Marketing Summit in Dublin, June 19 – 20 (280 participants from 6 countries, but mostly from Ireland).

Steering Council

The DDM Alliance is supported by a Steering Council, which consists of international experts who provide the DDM Alliance meaningful guidance in many different areas.

Members come from various backgrounds: Academic Partners (business schools and universities), Associated Partners (local chapter managers and trade associations) and Founding Partners (marketing technology industry).

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